TBX : Tajik Bike Expedition



Start: June 2016
Duration: 12 days

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Route: Sary-Tash (KG) to Khorog (TJ)
VIA the unreal Bartang Valley

Total distance: ca. 1.100km

Cycling distance: ca. 450km

Climb: 6,112m

Highest point: 4,300m








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Tajik Bike Expedition 2014 was an inspiring journey about a bunch of riders that reached from super ahtletic to completly pale office and junk food monkeys from all over Germany. They traversed over 450 km along the Bartang Valley in the Pamir Mountains. One of the highest altitude regions on the planet. They thought the main Pamir highway to be to boring and were sure to find a way to cut straight through the mountains. Sure enough, they did find a road... or better a path.

The film weaves the story of 6 characters’ experiences with immense mountain beauty and small-town rural culture as they attempt to pedal from Sary Tash, Kirgisistan to the small, dusty town Khorog at the Tajik border.

Over the course of 8 days they’ll attempt to climb up to an altitude of 4.700 meters over the Pamir Mountains. They’ll experience mental breakdowns, treacherous cold, bodily pain, total fatigue and of course a lot of fun und time to reflect. Above all, they’ll race with no support – at times in total isolation. The tests of endurance and the satisfactory moments throughout prompt us to reflect on our inner desires to live life to the fullest. It‘s all about the adventure they are willing to suffer and go through because they actually do it, not just think about it

Our group consists of two rather unconventional Androgon extreme sports professionals, a mountain bike and cycling addict and three full-time office chair racers who have shunned the bike with a lot of diligence since birth. But that will change!

You can find the full length documentary here on you tube...

TBX 2016

There is a little adventurer in all of us and in 2016, TAM plan to bring the TBX to the wider population! With two planned categories - adventure race (semi-pro) & adventure tour (your own relaxed pace). Are you up for an adventure?


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