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Rally for Change

The Tajik Rally is proud to be supporting our charitable foundation partners, Hänsel + Gretel (Germany) and Habitat for Humanity (Tajikistan). We aim to work with foundations that aim to improve the lives of children and young people, either directly by education, security and the like, or indirectly through supporting the parents and family structure, giving children the security and freedom they need to grow.

Each team raises a minimum 750€ which passes driectly to the foundations. Any amount raised over 750€ can be donated to a foundation of the teams choice.

In addition to this, the profit from all vehicles sold in Tajikistan goes to Tajik charities to support local projects.

We provide online fundraising widgets to assist you in raiseing donations online and through your website and give you plenty of good fun ideas to help you go about achieving the fundraising targets!

Hänsel + Gretel's feature article on Adventure Manufactory (in German) - here.


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Hänsel + Gretel Foundation

Since it's establishment in 1997, the Hansel + Gretel Foundation has been initiating and supporting projects which deal especially with child protection. Families, parents, teachers and others in education as well as police, the judiciary and medical doctors are also being supported in their work by the foundation's network. Through public relations, policitally supported individual projects and the organisation of frameworks which make the direct protection of children easier, the foundation is breaking into new and professional areas of project development. Initially the founding of the Hansel + Gretel Foundation was sparked by the shocking case with the Belgian Dutroux affair of 1996.
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Habitat for Humanity e.V.

According to estimates by the UN at least one in four people live in substandard housing. With the help of donations, Habitat builds and rehabilitates simple, decent houses for poor families and works on disaster response. Together with volunteers HFH has built and renovated more than 400,000 houses worldwide, providing simple decent and affordable shelter for 2 million people. Among the most prominent supporters are: Jimmy Carter, Bon Jovi, Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt, Daniel Libeskind and Alexandra Neldel.
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