General details are provided under the other sections of How It Works. The FAQ's provide more detailed info. If there is more you would like to know, please contact us!

Visas, vehicles, carnets.. how do I do all this?

It is your responsibility to organise your own passport, visas, carnet de passage, vehicle etc. However, we provide an adventure hand book when you join the rally that will give detailed information and contacts for organising everything your require and are always on hand to answer questions or assist you if you have difficulties.

What makes a team?

The entry fee is per team, covering one vehicle and two drivers! One entry, one team, one vehicle.

Vehicle deposit

A vehicle deposit of 500€ is payable by each team prior to the rally start. This is to guarantee the vehicle is disposed of properly in Tajikistan- as long as you don't dump your vehicle, illegally sell it and collect all appropriate documents at the Tajikistan border, it will be fully refunded at the completion of the rally.

Can I ride a motorcycle?

For sure! Riding a motorcycle is a popular way to travel through this region. If you wish to do this, please contact us and we will organise a discounted entry fee for you.


We provide each team with a website and domain name. The easy to edit drag and drop builder is ready for blogs, photos, video, social media and much more! We reserve the right to remove the website at any time if content is considered offensive and not modified on request.

Do I need a GPS?

Definitely no! There is no need for GPS and teams are encouraged not to use it (especially with navigational instructions!). However, if you are worried about your safety, by all means feel free to use an EPIRB, SPOT Messenger or similar emergency location device. The SPOT also tracks your location and sends pre-programmed messages to a website for your friends to see!

Carbon offsetting

As with all Adventure Manufactory rallies, the Tajik Rally is carbon offset. We will calculate your carbon footprint based on distance travelled and make of vehicle. This will be offset through tree planting programmes that not only offset the carbon, but also rebuild local ecosystems through planting a diverse range of local species.


Teams are encouraged to get sponsorship and it is a good way to cover some of your costs! Just make sure the sponsors understand they are only sponsoring your team, not the event. Also make a clear distinction between donations to charity as part of your fundraising efforts and sponsorship of your team. There is plenty you can offer sponsors- basically exposure in any activity you under take as part of the rally. We will provide you with plenty of suggestions for this!

Filming your adventure

Filming is a great way to record your adventure, as your friends may not believe what you have done! If you are intending to make film for commercial broadcast, please notify us before the event so we can discuss the context and provide permission for broadcast

What happens to the vehicle?

On completion of the rally, your vehicle is handed over to the organisers and is auctioned with all profits going to the charitable foundations. You will be notified of the value it raised. If you do not want to action your vehicle (we understand, you may have Stockholm syndrome by the end or want to put your car on your mantle piece), you are welcome to drive or freight it home.

How do I get home?

Flying is the easiest way. A number of airlines fly from Dushanbe to Europe and fares can start from as little as 300€ if you book early. Or you could always drive back...

Accommodation- where do I sleep?

There is no organised accomodation, excluding the night prior to the rally start. When you don't know were you are going to wind up at the end of the day, it is a little hard to book ahead! But this is what makes it so good- camping under the stars, cooking dinner over a campfire. Maybe on the banks of a raging river, under a sand dune or high in the mountains, or invited to stay with a friendly local family. Your choice is yours, just be prepared to camp, although you may want to find the occasional hotel and hot shower!


Travel insurance is compulsory for all entrants. It is your responsibility to ensure the cover is appropriate for the activities you undertake. Vehicle insurance is also compulsory and for some countries, may need to be purchased at the border on entry.


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